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My Birthday Party Photo

When I am reading my novel in front of my house, Suddenly Ratna come to my house to see my photo when I were child for 3D Mading Competation.
Ratna : Hello Lucki…
Lucki : Hello Ratna.. what’s up?
Ratna : What’s up to? Eeem Lucki I want to see your photo when you were child for 3D Mading Competation Tomorrow
Lucki : Sure, Come in and wait a minute. I will take my photo album
Ratna : Ok, Never Mind.
About a minute
Lucki : Rat… This is my photo album.
Ratna : Waw this is very big. May I see your photos now.
Lucki : Ofcourse, you can see it now.
Ratna : Hei….. Is that you?
Lucki : Yes, That is me in my sixth birthday party in kinde garten.
Ratna : Are they your parents?
Lucki : Yes, they are my parents.
Ratna :How about the cake. Did your mother make it by her self?
Lucki : Yes, she did. My mother made the cake.
Ratna : Did you get many gifts from your friends?
Lucki : No, I didn’t. Because it was surprisecfor me and I din’t know about this party. So my friend didn’t prepare anything for me.
Ratna : Were you happy at the time? Although you didn’t get gifts?
Lucki : Yes, I were. I was very happy at the time. Although I didn’t get gifts from my friends. Besause , gifts wasn’t important for me. Togethernest was more important than a gift.
Ratna : Ya.. that is true. How about if we use this photo for 3D Mading Competation and you tell what were you doing at the time? Do you agree?
Lucki : Yes I do. That is great idea Ratna. I will make it well
Ratna : Okey… Eeem luck.. I want to go home now and don’t forget to bring it school tomorrow. Good bye…
Lucki : Bye.. see you tomorrow


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